This is Matthew Olson’s site. Matthew Olson is a college student in the Diocese of Little Rock. He was raised in multiple Protestant denominations before eventually converting to Catholicism on 7 April 2012. His primary interests are theology and Church history. He is privately discerning the possibility of God calling him to the priesthood.



Matthew Olson, with His Excellency Bishop Anthony B. Taylor.


Matthew Olson resides in the Diocese of Little Rock. Pictured is the diocesan cathedral, St. Andrew’s.


Matthew Olson observes the dogmas, doctrines, and practices of the Church.


Matthew Olson is supportive of ecumenical efforts, though he firmly believes that only the Church contains “the fullness of truth”. Pictured is a local Orthodox (OCA) parish.


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  1. john spizziri says :

    nice job– doesn’t Abba mean daddy literally; you young Catholics have no idea how you make my generation feel Our Lord has truly called your generation for great things. In hoc signo vinces!

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